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the wine terroirist

Wine and flavors
in the ideal atmosphere

In ancient Greece, Linovatis was the person who pressed the grapes in the marble, wooden or concrete wine presses. In vase paintings, in paintings, in old photographs, we see the joy on the faces of the linovates. This joy and love for wine is what we want to convey to the visitors of Linovatis, without too many words and exaggerations. So that wine can have its own voice, even dissonant sometimes.

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Wine is not just another product to indulge the palate. Wine is a social drink that needs company and conversation. Wine takes you on a journey to the vineyard of its origin, introduces you to its makers, their habits, their ideas, their beliefs. We would love the wines on our list to take you on a journey.

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food menu

We have the mentality of a wine bistro and not a restaurant, that’s why our list is small and comprehensive. Our dishes were created after many tests by our partners so that they are the faithful companions of our wines.

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