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What is Linovatis

In ancient Greece, Linovatis was the person who pressed the grapes in the marble, wooden or concrete wine presses. In vase paintings, in paintings, in old photographs, we see the joy on the faces of the linovates. This joy and love for wine is what we want to convey to the visitors of Linovatis, without too many words and exaggerations. So that wine can have its own voice, even dissonant sometimes.

Our desire would be to make Linovatis a wine meeting place, a reference point for the international and Greek vineyards. So that wine lovers can search and learn, without wine taboos and without any suggestions and chatter on our part. We want our friends to get close to wine, enjoy it with their food and leave happy and relaxed. We don’t believe in wine elitism, strict reviews and the norms of connoisseurs. We are all tired of rules and restrictions so we even wanted our logo to be simple and happy. It’s the wine and the enjoyment of it that counts, nothing else. It was the reason why we chose a spot away from the big downtown hustle and bustle. To have harmony between the interior and the surrounding area of the wine bistrot.

Our soft spot comes from the bottle, since there is nothing more pleasurable, blissful and unique than a glass of wine.

So let the divine wine of Dionysus tickle our palate and warm our soul.

Christos and Alexandros Apostolopoulos

Our philosophy

Wine is not a simple, industrial product. It contains the vineyard from which it comes, the people involved in the cultivation, care and vinification of the grape, the mentality, customs and history of places, countries and peoples. It is this multidimensional character that makes it magical.

We would like Linovatis wines to express all of this, what the French call ‘terroir’.

We also believe that the people who produce wine should care about the environment. They should consider it a heritage that should be passed on intact to future generations. To use practices in the vineyard and in winemaking that do not harm the ecosystem. We all have the same responsibility as well as consumers.

With this criterion we chose the wines on our list and the products for our dishes.

Wines that come from vineyards of organic agriculture, if they are biodynamic even better, and have received the minimum interventions during vinification.

The raw materials used for the menu are all fresh and come from small producers or delicatessens, favoring local products.

We have the mentality of a wine bistrot rather that of a restaurant, with a few dishes, selected to pair well with our wines and enhance their enjoyment. Their selection has been made after exhaustive tastings by our entire team, which intrigues and pleases us immensely.

Our space

The hill of Agios Dimitrios with its cobbled alleys and low buildings has rightly been called the Plaka of Kifissia. It retains the beauty and sophisticated atmosphere that made Kifissia a special leisure resort from the 19th century.

Our low building with its graceful windows blends in perfectly with the landscape. Two-tone tiles on the patio, warm wood inside, earthy, soft colors, soft lighting, nice jazz music. Nothing flashy, nothing over the top. For us everything is our little contribution that will lead to the enjoyment of wine and food.

Our little wine oasis is a 5-minute walk from the train station and close to the main streets of Kifissia. After work, after a stroll, a bike ride or shopping, come and have a glass of sparkling wine, a snack with wine or a full meal.

On Saturday and Sunday we are open from the morning to give you the opportunity of a 100% Arabica coffee, which can easily evolve into a strong brunch with a chat, a chat or browsing newspapers.

Visit the most beautiful corner of Kifissia and come to share what we love.
Wine and flavours in a perfect environment.

The team of Linovatis

Because least said sooner mended, we decided
to introduce ourselves while making fun of ourselves.

Christos & Alexandros Apostolopoulos

Wine Directors

Fermenting metaphysics!
From fiction to rational thought.
From antiquity to modern times.
From the battlefields to love.
From poetry to chameleons.
From dirty landscapes to the art of painting.
Wine has a culture (hic hic!)

Gluglu for the wine and frufrou for the oyster

Kostas Giannakos


Wine and raw material meets art.

The selfless love and passion of the creators, when it meets the quality and taste buds of our guests, provide an endless source of inspiration for an ultimate journey from the cool lands of the earth to the icy depths of its seas.

Niki Vogiaki

Sous – Chef

Have more than you show, talk less than you know!

Raw materials are everything, bringing them out with wine as the denominator is a path I want to continue to follow.

And after all, someone has to cook in this company!

Katerina Mavrofridi

Junior Sommelier

After all, if something is to be done, let it be done with wine!

Seeing people in our space enjoying and identifying with the Linovatis concept really gives you the strength to continue.

Sir, you’re as closed as an oyster, did I tell you?

Irene Pouliakis


As a thoroughly impatient nature, wine taught me to be patient and appreciate the right time of everything.

As Plato has said: “There is nothing more excellent and precious than wine.” In the end the wine was granted to humans by the Gods.

Marif Khan

Kitchen Porter

Do things that make you happy!

No more shells, guys, and tomorrow is tomorrow!